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Tanzen auf dem Malerwanderweg - Tanzmesse Düsseldorf

datum bericht: 11-08-2016

Jan Doms presents his new multi-disciplinary dance performance Tanzen auf dem Malerwanderweg (Dancing on the Painters Trail) for the season 2017 - 2018 during the International Tanzmesse August 31 - Sept 3.


Jan Doms wrote the libretto for the multidisciplinary German language dance performance Tanzen auf dem Malerwanderweg. He also designed the decor for this, the heart of which is a moving glass disc with a diameter of 8 metres.

The dancer Ulrike Doszmann plays this reflective dynamic object that functions as a metaphor for the hike over the peaks of the inhospitable Sandstone Mountains along the Elbe, once the subject painted by Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840) who gave the landscape a soul and made nature the sounding board of human emotions.   

Dance: Ulrike Doszmann | Voice and electronics: Evelien van den Broek | Light animation and projection: Wiersma and Smeets | Music: Ries Doms, Wout Kemkens, Jarno van Es |

Composition and electronics: Ernst Bonis


Libretto, decor and direction: Jan Doms | Costumes and screens: Juliane Schreiber |

Production and distribution: LEF - Tilburg (NL)


With support from: Culture Fund Brabant C | With thanks to: DansBrabant

Download: brochure Tanzen 148x210mm grijs3.pdf



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