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'Cumulus' in Art Night NITX DEL ART Felanitx 18/08/2017

datum bericht: 11-08-2017

On August 18, 2017, the annual cultural night NITX DEL ART takes place in Felanitx, Mallorca (ES). A central role in this event plays the Casa de Cultura of Felenitx. Jan Doms shows in their courtyard his newest glass archi-sculpture 'Cumulus'.

Archi-sculpture Cumulus


The glass structure Cumulus is the fourth in the series that Jan Doms made in Mallorca in collaboration with the Bulgarian architect Olga Doreva such as 'Triangles' in the sculpture garden of the Miro Museum in Palma (2013), 'Magic Walls' in Casal Metge Siffre as part of IncArt Inca (2015) and 'Ziggurat' in the courtyard of Casal de Cultura Benissalem (2016).


Download: Cumulus 20170811.pdf



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