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22/04/18 Opening Jan Doms - Museum Jan van der Togt

datum bericht: 23-02-2018

Within the framework of the nomination of Jan Doms (and Joost Bicker Caarten and Arnout Visser) for the Bernardine de Neeve Prize, the Museum Jan van der Togt organizes a special exhibition of the new works specially created for this exhibition in combination with existing works.

Jan Doms shows his monumental glass disk 'Malerwanderweg' (diameter 8 meters), a moving dance floor that was specially designed and constructed for the dancer Ulrike Doszmann who plays the leading role in the theater performance 'Tanzen auf dem Malerwanderweg'.


In combination, he also shows his new glass wall sculpture 'Aircrafts Dresden' which is under construction and some other pieces.

Download: 20180313150322_00005 glas kl.jpg



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