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Jan Doms receives the Bernardine de Neeve Award

datum bericht: 24-04-2018

On Sunday 22 April, the chairman of the Jury, Han de Kluijver (architect), awarded the Bernardine de Neveprijs to the Tilburg artist and designer Jan Doms at the Jan van der Togt Museum (Amstelveen - Amsterdam area). He received this prize because of his oeuvre of innovative monumental dynamic glass sculptures.

In the museum, Jan Doms presented in the context of this prize the moving glass disc-shaped dance floor with a diameter of 8 meters, which is part of his high-profile multi-disciplinary performance 'Tanzen auf dem Malerwanderweg'.

In addition, he showed also 'Aircraft Dresden', a new glass wall sculpture that he produced especially in the context of this competition with the help of a budget that was made available by the organization.

The exhibition of the nominees for the Bernardine de Neeveprijs - in addition to Jan Doms the other nominated artists: Joost Bicker Caarten and Arnout Visser - is open to the public until 3 June 2018.

Download: 01 persbericht Ned:Eng B de Neeve Award.pages.pdf



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