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datum bericht: 29-07-2020

The renovation of Friendship Park is part of comprehensive development and restoration of Gyumri within IDeA’s Armenia 2020 Initiative.

The renovated park will not only become a new public venue for the Gyumri people and guests of the city but also a symbol of gratitude to the countries that have supported the city’s rehabilitation after the devastating earthquake in 1988.

Over the 5 years of implementation of the Gyumri Development Programme, IDeA Foundation jointly with state and private partners managed to contribute to the restoration of the historical centre of Gyumri and help locals who suffered from the earthquake. In 2019, 20 families living in the temporary emergency houses on the territory of the park received new homes.


Holding of the open international competition (https://friendship-park.world) within the project for integrated development of the park will allow engaging young and experienced professionals from different corners of the world to develop infrastructure design elements meeting international quality standards.


The new park will symbolise the revival of the city – an initiative revealing the creative potential of various interwoven cultures.


Jan Doms decided to express his interest in contributing to the development of this Friendship Park.

Download: 01 Jan Doms - LEF APPLICATION kl.pdf



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