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Advance announcement relocation Jan Doms - LEF

datum bericht: 02-08-2020

Both Jan Doms and his company LEF urban dynamics will move in the coming months. The new residence and office of LEF will move with the design studio to Tilburgseweg 108, Goirle. The large work studio will be located in the industrial space De Hoogt 31C, Loon op Zand.

Tilburgseweg 108 5051 AK Goirle


The new house annex LEF office and design studio will be located in a monumental building (national heritage) that was designed in 1937 by the most famous post-war architect in the Tilburg region, Jos. Beaux, founder of the architectural firm Bedaux, predecessor of: Bedaux de Brouwer Architects.


De Hoogt 31C 5175 AX Loon op Zand


De Hoogt 31C is a brand new industrial building consisting of 4 compartments. The space with the largest dimensions (length 22 x width 8 x hight 7 meters) and equipped with a skylight along the longitudinal axis will become the workspace for the multidisciplinary large-scale projects of Jan Doms. There you can build up and experiment with existing and new constructive dynamic sculptures and installations.

Download: brochure LEF 2020 1e versie kl.pdf



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