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Advance notice: performance 'inconTro di boxe' 2021

datum bericht: 15-11-2020

The Italian title "inconTro di boxe" stands for boxing match or street fight. City poem XX by the city poet of Tilburg A.H.J. Dautzenberg, can be read like a score and leads Jan Doms to hit the T of the so-called 'makers city' Tilburg.

In terms of sculpture, "InconTro di box" consists of an interpretation of the letter T in upside-down position. This T upside-down is made of spring band steel, more or less after the model of an alternative punching bag, in a size the size of the boxer, as is customary in boxing training. The theatrical and musical performance (premiere) of "inconTro di boxe" will take place at a location to be determined in April 2021.


Initiator: city poet of Tilburg A.H.J. Dautzenberg with poem number XX
Crew: Jan Doms (concept, stage image, direction), Ries Doms (boxing performance), Ernst Bonis (electronics), Juliane Schreiber (costumes), Simon Haen (light), Ernest Potters (photography).
Production and distribution: LEF urban dynamics

Download: inconTro di boxe concept 04 Engels kl.pdf



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