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A Joy Forever - Luycks Gallery 19/12/2020 - 17/01/2021

datum bericht: 11-12-2020

On Saturday 19 December 2020, the group exhibition of 26 artists including Jan Doms,

'A Joy Forever' will open at 1 p.m.

For this exhibition Jan Doms presents three brush drawings from the series 'Jan Doms draws Brazil' which he made in 2002 as a result of his tour in Brazil and the Amazon. This series of brush drawings are made on handmade paper 'Monte Azul' produced in one of the Favelas - cotton with particles of silver and mica.





The three drawings are entitled: 'Vila Amazonas - architect Oswaldo Bradke' (see image), 'Churchyard Auro Preto' and 'Jardin Botanico Rio de Janeiro'.

Download: uitn.Luycks_kerst20(mail).pdf



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