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inconTro di boxe in Hall of Fame rescheduled to June 2

datum bericht: 16-04-2021

Due to the corona lock down, the performance inconTro di boxe by Jan Doms c.s. has been postponed to Wednesday evening 2 June at 8:30 pm. This performance takes place in the Hall of Fame - junior street park in Tilburg.

Due to the postponement, this dynamic multidisciplinary performance will conclude the series of interpretations by Tilburg artists on the basis of the city poems of the Tilburg City Poet A.H.J. Dautzenberg.

That gives extra shine to inconTro di boxe (Italian for street fight / boxing match) inspired by City Poem XX, in which the spring steel T symbol of Tilburg as a so-called Creator City will have to endure a lot.


Jan Doms: concept, stage desing, direction

Ernst Bonis and Joris Bonis: interactive electronics

Juliane Schreiber: costume

Simon Haen: light

Ernest potters: photography


LEF: production and distribution

first rehearsal in Jan Doms' studio with Ries Doms boxing

Download: inconTro di boxe - 02:06:2021 Hall of Fame kl.pdf



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