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MARS ROVER 26 and 27/06/2021 GARAGE 824 The Hague

datum bericht: 03-05-2021

Artists initiative Baracca invites Jan Doms

Yvo van der Vat, member of Artists Initiative Baracca, invited Jan Doms to create in June 2021 an exhibtion / installation in the pop- up Baracca Underground Gallery ‘GARAGE 824’. This typical garage, is located in the striking high-rise urban expansion district Mariahoeve near the Northern Ring Road of The Hague.


The name GARAGE 824 refers to "GARAGE" in Moscow, an art venue that started in an abandoned city bus garage and later developed into a distinguished art museum.

Jan Doms

The artistic work of Jan Doms (1949) takes place at the interface between the arts and architecture in a broad sense. From the start of his career as an artist, performer and designer, his work has been continuously in demand and performed (inter)nationally to articulate new developments and (visionary) experiments in the urban landscape, often in the most unexpected locations and under exceptional circumstances.



For GARAGE 824, Jan Doms constructed the MARS ROVER, a solid steel sculpture in the series of his so-called 'transformer' sculptures. The predecessors of MARS ROVER were made from the same construction elements: WAR CITY (2005 Luycks Gallery Tilburg) and AIRCRAFT II (Side program TEFAF Maastricht 2012).

Download: flyer mars rover garage The Hague kl.pdf



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