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Opening MARS ROVER by Ingrid Luycks

datum bericht: 29-06-2021

On Saturday morning, June 26 at 11 am, Ingrid Luycks, art historian and gallery owner, gave the opening words at the presentation of the MARS ROVER project in the temporary pop-up gallery of the artists' initiative Baracca, GARAGE 824 The Hague.

At the invitation of Yvo van der Vat, co-initiator of Baracca, Jan Doms set to work to create a special project for their instant pop-up gallery GARAGE 824 in Isabellaland in The Hague. In the end, Jan Doms landed the MARS ROVER there, designed and constructed by him in all respects for this characteristic sixties garage. It also attracted the attention of residents of this high-rise district.


If you want to read the opening words of Ingrid Luycks, you can download this short public 'lecture'.

Download: opening mars rover ingrid luycks kl.pdf



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