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Tapestry 'threat' produced in TextileLab - Luycks Gallery

datum bericht: 20-01-2022

For the upcoming exhibition 'stroboscope' in Luycks Gallery Tilburg (12/02 - 20/03/2022) Jan Doms designed the tapestry 'threat'. It is developed in collaboration with Juliane Schreiber from Germany and produced in the the TextileLab in Tilburg.

The tapestry 'threat' is the key work of the 'stroboscope' exhibition, of which all works on display are related to the years that Jan Doms worked on various projects in Armenia.


It started with the urban development project 'Design Lab Gyumri' (2015) in collaboration with students of the State University Yerevan - Faculty of Architecture and the Art Academy Gyumri. It was continued with the multi-part international project 'Mushtopia' with exhibitions (2019) at the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art in Yerevan (ACCEA / NPAK) and the Puppet Theater in Gyumri, concluded with the Mushtopia Festival in Mush (the never-finished city) in Gyumri. Then in 2021 he realized the project 'Moskvich Private Cinema' in the garden of the Aslamazyan Museum in Gyumri with the film screening of 'Endgleis'.

Download: flyer tent stroboscope kl.pdf



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