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Finissage Group exhibition Luycks Gallery 15/01/23

datum bericht: 13-01-2023

On 15 January 13:00 - 17:00 the finissage of the group exhibition 'A Joy Forever' (small works) will take place in Luycks Gallery Tilburg. Jan Doms is represented with three drawings from the City series (2007) and three drawings from the Sofia series (2011).

In addition to his large-scale projects, Jan Doms has always made smaller works in the form of wall sculptures, multiples and many, many travel drawings.


In 2007, for example, during a work period in Sweden, he made the large series 'Cities' for the exhibition 'Metropolen' in Luycks Gallery. They are inspired by cities such as São Paulo, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, Moscow and many other cities.


Many times Jan Doms has realized projects in Bulgaria at the intersection of art and architecture and the urban landscape. This resulted in the series about Sofia, which were created for the exhibition 'Sofia - City Bar', also in Luycks Gallery.

Download: uitnod joy 2022.jpg.pdf



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