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23 March 2023 19:30 3 Artist's Portraits in Cinecitta

datum bericht: 26-02-2023

On Thursday evening March 23, 2023 - starting at 7:30 pm - the premiere evening of the second series of three video-film portraits of artists will take place in Zaal 1 of Cinecitta in Tilburg. Artists who work in Tilburg - region - Heart of Brabant or are connected with this region. The host Jan Zobel  will introduce the three portraits of the artists Jacq Palinckx, Ulrike Doszmann and Sanne Bax to the public.

These three artist portraits, like the first series of three (01 Strijbos & Van Rijswijk, 02 Chikako Watanabe and 03 Marjolein Landman), were produced by the initiators of the Internationals Art Channel, artist / designer Jan Doms and film maker Tom Pijnenburg. The first series of three was made possible by the Tilburg Media Fund. The second series of three portraits was made possible by LEF and Gilaworks.


You can see the first series of portraits via www.int-artchannel.nl

Download: invitation cinecitta int art channel 23:03:2023 de



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