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'WarCity' in Machinekamer Strijp-S | Dutch Design Week

datum bericht: 17-10-2009

Jan Doms presents during the Dutch Designweek Eindhoven [17 - 25 | 10 | 2009] in the Machinekamer Strijp-S, as one of the selected artists of the exhibition 'Glass is more !', his sculpture 'WarCity'.

'WarCity' - first shown in 2005 in Gallery Kathareze Tilburg [since 2008 known as Gallery Luycks] is a massive glass impression of the city in motion. It could just as well be the reflection of an overloaded container ship that appears on the horizon: a floating city which has an uncertain destination. While travelling in the Brazilian metropolisses, Jan Doms discovered during his visits to the slum areas endless structures of architecture without architects. 'WarCity' represents the connection between this two floating worlds.

Download: WarCity Glass is More Dutch Design Week 2009.pdf



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