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Once in a Blue Moon - publication Jan doms

datum bericht: 02-05-2018

Jan Doms presents the 10th edition of the monthly international music and art program Once in a Blue Moon in the Zaalkerk Budel (hall church) on Sunday morning, May 6, 11:00.

On that occasion, the first copy will be presented to the mayor of Cranendonck, Mr. Henri de Wijkerslooth.

In this new publication you can find an overview of the first 10 editions of Once in a Blue Moon. Musicians and visual artists from all corners of the world pass by.


In addition, attention is paid to the backgrounds of this program that is compiled, organized and presented by Jan Doms.


This program is an initiative of the AZC Cranendonck

(COA - national organization asylum seekers).


The publications are freely available via jandoms@lefdynamics.nl.

Only shipping costs will be charged.


credits picture publication once in a blue moon:

backside cover: collage marcos vidal

frontsite: evelien van den broek (photo: jennifer halfhide

Download: Once in a Blue Moon 10 Dyane Donk en Els Mondelae



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