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Brabants' Yournal: Glass Wagon Jan Doms to Belgium

datum bericht: 25-12-2020

Due to the total disinterest of the Tilburg municipal council, Jan Doms' famous glass wagon will not enter The Spoorzone (railway area), which many art lovers and residents of Tilburg regret. The wagon is now included in the extraordinary collection of the quirky Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke, Belgium. 

There were two locations in the Spoorzone for the placement of the wagon, the railway tracks that run across the Burgemeester Stekenlenburgplein, or (Jan Doms' preference) on the monumental turntable for the so-called polygonal shed that was previously used for maintenance of the locomotives of the Dutch Railways. 


Alderman Ms. Marcelle Hendrickx is full of praise: "This is a beautiful and rightful tribute to Jan Doms. And it is entirely right that the portfolio of our Tilburg artists is also wanted and on display internationally." But the question that is most often asked to Jan Doms in Tilburg is: "Why do residents of Tilburg always have to go abroad to see my work?"

Download: L1510855 Wagon BD 24:12:2020.jpg.pdf



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