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'inconTro di boxe' 21/04/2021 Hall of Fame Street Park

datum bericht: 07-03-2021

The current Tilburg City Poet A.H.J. Dautzenberg recently challenged Jan Doms to create a work of art based on his City Poem XX, consisting solely of a poetic composition with the letter T of Tilburg, used upside down.
Doms decided to fight the letter poem and developed with his team the multidisciplinary performance inconTro di boxe

This Italian title refers to boxing match or street fight. Jan Doms therefore designed the letter T in spring band steel on the shell of a punching bag that is used in boxing training. He asked the drummer Ries Doms, who in addition to playing drums, is also in boxing training, to perform the performance.


Ernst Bonis, electronic musician, with whom Jan Doms has been experimenting with steel, glass and electronics since the late 1970s, designed and built in collaboration with Joris Bonis, two generative sound synthesis circuits for interactive audio for this performance, with which the movements of the boxer and the dynamic spring steel object are converted into sound and 'music'.


On April 21, 2021, the performance will take place at 8:30 PM in the Hall of Fame in Ladybird Street Park in Tilburg.

(Attention ! Everything under the conditions of the applicable corona rules.)


Jan Doms: concept, stage design and direction

Ries Doms: performance

Ernst Bonis & Joris Bonis: electronics and converting non-auditory data into sound

Juliane Schreiber: costumes

Simon Haen: light

Ernest Potters: photography

LEF: production and distribution

Download: inconTro di boxe - 21 04 2021 Hall of Fame kl.pdf



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