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Jan Doms at CAR ART 12/08 - 04/09/2022 Zandvoort (NL)

datum bericht: 03-08-2022

The sculpture 'Ukrainian Humvee' was designed and constructed by Jan Doms in response to the war in Ukraine and is a symbol of perseverance and improvisation.


Jan Doms shows his new dynamic sculpture in steel and glass on so-called plate wheels (2cv) on Fenemaplein (designed by MTD Landscape architects, Den Bosch) from 12/08 - 04/09/2022 in Zandvoort as side program of the world famous Formule 1 Race.

The fact that Jan Doms was affected by this terrible war is mainly because he carried out an urban design assignment in Melitopol in 2010 regarding the resuscitation of the central city park, together with young Ukrainian architects from the Altroom collective from Kyiv. 


The dynamic sculpture 'Ukrainian Humvee' fits into the series of so-called transformer sculptures of steel and glass, which Jan Doms constructed over the years. This means that different sculptures can be designed and composed with the same components, glass and steel. It is in fact a form of circular art production.

Download: Ukrainian Humvee Cart Art pict def 01 kl.pdf



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